As we continue to serve our clients and provide for them the best possible massage available, we always like to hear how we are doing and in what ways we can change to become the very best.

Don’t just take our word, listen to these folks….Here are some testimonials from some of our clients that have shared what they have experienced.


“I have been receiving massages from Eric for 5 years. He always provides a calm, soothing, relaxing environment.

Eric has a gifted ability to be in tune with your body, knowing exactly what needs to be worked on, and what best techniques to use. He warms up the area, is able to go in deep to relieve the tension, then relaxes the area afterwards. He is very calming in helping the client to breathe & relax to receive the best results possible during the session.” ~



West Jordan, Utah

Wendy from Draper, UT raves:

“Eric is very knowledgeable about the body, and shares all information to help better educate the client. He gives specific exercises on how to stretch & strengthen needed areas.

Eric has certainly healed my body from the ailments I was experiencing, to where I can do any activity I desire to! He is truly a “gifted” therapist.” ~ Wendy

Brent from West Jordan, UT writes:

“I have had amazing success with Eric. Both my son and I have had serious muscular skeletal problems. My son was sidelined from his High School basketball team because of a back injury and after doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, Eric got him back. I had neck problems after a car accident that prohibited me from participating in many sports. After doctors and chiropractors, Eric got me back. He does amazing work! He can find the problem muscles without me even telling him. He is very skilled and is constantly doing research. He is the best.” ~ Brent

Sara from West Jordan, UT writes in:

“Eric really cares about his clients and their health! I can’t begin to list how many times his healing hands have helped me when I’ve been in pain. One thing I really appreciate about Eric is how he teaches me different exercises and stretches that I can do on my own to help strengthen and heal my problem areas. He is truly an amazing therapist with a gift of healing.” ~ Sara

Jodi from South Jordan, UT

“Eric Wilcox is an excellent therapist who understands the mechanics of the body. He can get to the trigger points of pain & work through the layers to bring about healing. I highly recommend him to help alleviate chronic & acute muscle tension.”  ~ Jodi



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Important Note:
None of these testimonials have been altered or edited in anyway. These are clients actual words.