Your Therapist

Just a word About Me

   Hi, I’m Eric Wilcox. For about a year I worked for the Wells Fargo Depository. This is where all denominations of money come and go. Cool, right? Well, usually it meant 16 hours a day lifting heavy bags.. full of coins!  One day, as I lifted a 50 lb. bag of coins, my back went POP! I had instantaneous numbness and pain shooting down my legs.

Within an hour, I almost had total loss of function in my right leg and lower back. After visits to the medical doctor, chiropractor, AND a whole bunch of pain pills to just to be able to lie without pain, let alone walk; I was  referred to a different specialist that checked me out from top to bottom. He started me on a rigorous rehabilitation program. This program involved a lot of hard work. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally  immersed in learning about my own back and body. I had to strengthen  myself and my back just to avoid severe back surgery.

Part of this program involved receiving therapeutic massages. At first, they felt weird and uncomfortable, but the relief I felt after each of my sessions far out-weighed the original discomfort.

They say hindsight is 20/20. I truly believe that, because after graduating (honest! I graduated!) and being  released from the program with a stamp of good improvement, I realized that it was not just the working out and strengthening techniques I’d done, but the massages sessions I received as well.

The muscles in my  body had been in a state of extreme trauma and the techniques that the  massage therapist used broke up my muscle restriction, allowing healing and an increased range of motion to develop. Today I enjoy a virtually pain free lower back, but only if I apply the three things I instruct my own clients to do today: STRETCH, LENGTHEN, STRENGTHEN. That’s what inspired me to start a career in massage therapy.  I have a big heart and love helping people. So I help people  in one of the very best ways there is. And that is assisting them in their own ‘Journey to Total  Body Wellness’